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Q. Are Pea Pods hot?
A. No, the materials are breathable. They allow air to circulate and provide a cool nappy during summer.
Q. How many Pea Pods nappies will I need?
A. 10 will get you started, 20 nappies is ideal for full time use.
On average, newborn babies use 7-10 nappies per day... this reduces to 4 or 5 as baby grows. If you're planning to use them full-time, 20 nappies will provide some washing flexibility.
Q. What size do I need?
A. Our ONE Size Nappies have adjustable leg elastic... hidden neatly inside the nappy, you can customise the fit to suit every stage of baby's growth. It works like a "bra strap" to adjust the rise (length) of the nappy, but more importantly it also reduces the leg circumference to provide a superb fit around baby's legs. There's no need to adjust again until baby grows (hugely popular with carers and child care centres). They'll take the average baby from birth to toilet training!
Q. Do I need a cover/pilcher?
A. No. The outer layer of Pea Pods is waterproof. It has a high quality polyurethane laminate (PUL) which is waterproof, yet breathable. Our fabric is custom made to provide a soft, breathable and waterproof barrier.
Q. Where is the best position for the Night Booster?
A. The night booster can be placed on top of the regular absorber and then slide both inside the pocket opening, with the Night Booster sitting closest to baby's bottom. OR you can tuck the night booster inside the folded absorber and clip it in place. Do not place the Night Booster directly against baby's skin.
Q. Do I need a liner?
A. Liners are not essential as Pea Pods already have a built-in stay dry lining. Made from high quality microfleece, it will keep baby feeling dry and is easy to clean. However, our 100% bamboo biodegradable liners are wonderful! They make nappy changes even easier. They are biodegradable and luxuriously soft (we even use them as tissues).
Q. Should I wash Pea Pods prior to use?
A. Yes. This will remove manufacturing residue. The absorbent inserts love being washed. Pre-washing them will enhance performance.
Q. What are absorbers made from?
A. Our absorbers are made with a super absorbent blend of bamboo/cotton. Given the nature of the fabric, absorbers may vary in texture and colour. This is normal. Night Boosters are made from microfibre. This extraordinary fabric can quickly absorb 7 times its weight in liquid (good for a heavy rush in the "wee" hours of the morning).
Q. My child is a heavy wetter. Do I need extra inserts?
A. Pea Pods come with an absorber that lasts 3-4 hours for most babies. If your child is a particularly heavy wetter or experiencing a growth spurt, you may need to change more frequently or could try adding a Night Booster for additional absorbency.
Q. Why are my Pea Pods leaking?
A. Assuming you have the correct size nappy for your baby (creating a snug seal around baby's legs and tummy), Pea Pods should work well. The most common reasons for leakage are:
  1. Too much detergent in the wash. Washing with too much detergent leaves a residue on clothing. This residue will hinder the performance of the inner lining (cause it to repel liquid). To avoid this, use half (or less) the recommended amount of detergent in each wash. This is more than enough to clean them properly; and
  2. Not enough pre-washing of the absorbent insert. They can take several washes to reach their full potential.
Q. The lining on my nappies continues to repel liquid and cause leaks, what can I do?
A. If you find your nappies are constantly leaking and liquid simply isn't making it through to the absorbent insert, the problem is usually due to a build up of detergent, oils or barrier creams on the inner lining. This build up can also cause them to smell (due to the interaction of the residual detergent and urine). A good way to clean this off and refresh your nappies is to follow these steps:
  1. Wash your Pea Pods using a warm wash (no detergent)
  2. Wash again in a warm to hot wash, this time use a squirt of dishwashing liquid (it will help strip the fibres of residues)
  3. Use a good rinse cycle
  4. If bubbles remain in step 3's rinse, run another rinse
  5. Line or tumble dry (on low)
Q. Which detergent should I use?
A. Any normal detergent is fine. Remember to use no more than 1/2 the recommended strength for the size load you are washing. A good rinse cycle is ideal. You want to ensure all detergent is removed. Do not use soap products containing oils or perfumes as they can leave an oily film on the lining and hinder absorption (such residues can also interact with urine and cause your nappies to smell). Do not use fabric softener or harsh soaking solutions (remember, no soaking required).